Welcome to Bagwan Welfare Society

Bagwan Welfare Society is a nongovernmental, non political Social organization which is registered under Sec-21 of Indian Society registration Act-1860 in Kanpur Dehat, Uttar Pradesh.

Society is working in many areas and sector of society for human wellbeing specially women empowerment, intellectual and moral development of the children. Awareness to tackle water and environmental issues as they are very closely link with the health related issue of the common men. This organization even before its establishment has started its efforts as detailed above where in the main objective was to visit district jail established library to help moral development of the prisoners.

Environment & Water Conservation

Vastra Bank We all know water is essential, but too many of us think it's unlimited -especially in Canada, where we use more water per capita than anywhere else in the world - except the United States. The reality is that fresh water is a finite resource that is becoming scarce. While water is constantly being recycled through the Earth's water cycle, people are using up our planet's fresh water faster than it can be replenished.

A warming climate is drying up our lakes and rivers. In Saskatchewan, as demand grows for expanding irrigation, communities and industrial use, so too does the risk of contamination. The easiest, most cost-effective and powerful thing we can do to protect and preserve water is learn to use less.

Pustak MitrBagwan library

The primary task of the Library is to enhance and maintain its holdings of books, journals and other sources of information. It is equally important for the library to make the access to these resources user-friendly.

Bagwan Library - This library will bring together the scholars and the information resources without necessarily bringing either one to a physical building with card catalogues and books.