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Bagwan Welfare Society is a nongovernmental, non political Social organization which is registered under Sec-12 of Indian Society registration Act-1862 in Kanpur Dehat, Uttar Pradesh. Society is working in many areas and sector of society for human wellbeing specially women empowerment, intellectual and moral development of the children. Awareness to tackle water and environmental issues as they are very closely link with the health related issue of the common men. This organization even before its establishment has started its efforts as detailed above where in the main objective was to visit district jail established Bagwan library to help moral development of the prisoners.


Our vision is to ensure self relent India which confirms eradication of health problems, poverty issues and to ensure a society with complete positive activity. Our vision is to ensure develop prosperous India which confirms also to ensure awareness of water and environment conservation.


To remove illiteracy of most backward class and give them opportunity to develop themselves without any caste reservation with the facilities which are the made available. The main danger to our coming generation in form environmental pollution and dryness of water resources. As forecasted by an environmentalist that if we are face a third world war it will mainly be to take control of water resources and most probably the effects already visible in area of Bundelkhand and other cities of our country it appears that there was no greenery ever and the cattle dive because of scarcity of water and food grains. To tackle this grave situation, public awareness is of paramount importance so that each of one us can contribute to the conservation of water and environment for a safe and healthy India.

Keeping our vision and including the objectives of the following positive steps on radical changes in society, we have set a goal

  • To add such Women and children to relate education who can literate to such illiterate women and children and then these people could spread this mission further
  • To spread awareness in society for cleanliness so can a healthy society can build
  • To conserve environment and water resources aware the people and to motivate for plantation at least one people one plant

So if you are also interested with our motto you can come with us because your one step in direction can change surely our society.

Rajesh Sharma